...There ain't no ocean in Missouri, no dolphins swimming in the sea

And every single January, man the snow gets really deep

I love the Mississippi, I'll always be a real Show Me

But there ain't no ocean in Missouri,

That's why I'm sittin' on a beach... 

I penned another one w/ Nashville songwriter, Bill Whyte, who like me, is a Missouri native.  Naturally, he knew what he was talking about when we collaborated on these lyrics, which were a lot of fun to write!  I actually do love all the seasons of the year - even winter - as long as I'm dressed for the elements.  But sometimes, when I'm so over being cold every time I step outside,  I kinda just wish I were dipping my toes in the sand instead of snow, right?!  Thanks for stopping in - I hope you'll enjoy "Ain't No Ocean In Missouri" and check out some more of my music while you're here.

~ Becky

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